About B&G

About B&G

Xiamen B&G Sports Goods Co.,LIMITED is a company founded in 1998 specializing in the design and production of Taiwan golf supplies direct personal equipment (including a full set of golf clubs, golf bags, shoes, clothes, gloves, etc.), training equipment and supplies, equipment and supplies, stadium and undertake golf simulator installation, artificial green and practice professional manufacturer of golf field engineering construction fence.

The company is committed to the development of China golf career, the goal is to make the customer China (B&G baolikang) become the majority of the golf industry's most trusted and recognized brand.

Golf is a noble sport, a symbol of health and friendship. Is Jiapin gifts, business celebrations, business activities on the selection of products sent gifts. It can enhance the image of the enterprise and increase the enterprise brand culture connotation.

In the future, baolikang company has passed a series of major reform initiatives, the adjustment of the organizational structure, enhance the occupation of the team, improve the service system, the basic management level, the company's production capacity and service to a new level. At the same time, we will continue to take a series of golf service as the axis, integration of all resources, locking the top consumer groups in society, to first-class service and reliable value for promoting the development of related industries Chinese golf.

The company in good faith for the wizard, to brand and service for the purpose, "to meet customer requirements to create value for customers" business philosophy, for both sides to achieve a win-win situation, we will use the best service with friends from all walks of life together to create a better tomorrow for golf!

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B&G brand story

Hongkong baolikang golf supplies Co., Ltd. was founded in September 19, 1999, is the sole agent for B&G brand Chinese golf products in the mainland and Hongkong, a small town B&G brand originated in Italy on Sicily. After several exercise, B&G has become the golf industry, the younger, personalized pronoun.


BLUE = blue, on behalf of a broad mind

GREEN = green, on behalf of the young, the vitality of hope

AND = and, on behalf of hand in hand, hand in hand

At present, the pursuit of high quality life, golf has become a positive and healthy way of life. Hongkong baolikang products into the market, bring the fashion wind a healthy, athletic, popular golf enthusiasts of all ages. B&G praised the "young, personalized" brand concept, in product design in consideration of exercise habits, China golf enthusiasts human needs, products with golf equipment, fully embodies the golf is elegant, high quality

B&G goal: to be the most professional golf one-stop personal equipment brand in china. Let the favorite golf enthusiasts can find their own golf products in the world of B&G, thereby easing the pressure of work, make life more exciting!

GOLF connotation:

G green (Green), green is the main color of nature, golfing in the lush natural environment is the return to nature and enjoy nature; and Green in addition to green accident in golf terminology and "green"; the green green.

O represents oxygen, oxygen (Oxygen) is one of the three elements in human life. Where there are green plants, there is oxygen, and life will be full of vigor and vitality. To play golf, in terms of the amount and intensity of exercise, it is called aerobic exercise"

L on behalf of Light, the sun is the beginning of all life, enjoy the sun, is to enjoy life.

F on behalf of the action (Foot), the main form of golf is to go a few kilometers long fairway and hit the ball. From the eighteenth hole into the first hole in the green grass of the fairway, freely breathing the fresh air on the outskirts forest grassland, bathed in warm sunshine, walking towards the target. This is the charm of golf, which contributes to the physical and mental health of the effect is obvious. It is also said that F stands for friendship (Friendship), which means that the players in the process of playing golf in compliance with their golf etiquette and etiquette, in the process of competition between each other to establish a high level of interpersonal relationships. Friendship is more important than the outcome of the game, but also the ultimate goal of the pursuit of noble civilization golf. Of course, some fans have high Golf each word means "stepped toward the bright prospect, this explanation does not lose positive and positive significance of golf. Golf, self-confidence, the courage to overcome difficulties, the courage to face life and the future, the pursuit of career success.

The origin and evolution of golf

The origin of golf, there are different opinions. According to historical records and information, there are three kinds of generalizations, originated in the three countries.

First, originated in Holland

Golf for Holland KOLF transliteration. It is said that 1000 years ago, when the sheep were grazing in the ranch, and play play on the occasion, the sheep and the shepherds rest, often by the hands of the shepherd hit a small stone stick in the course of time, produce technology, power factor and better than enhanced consciousness. Sometimes far more than the strike, sometimes more accurate than the strike, sometimes both far and more than the two. This is the original form and prototype of golf.

This is also demonstrated by the evolution of the golf course. The first golf field is the ranch. Later, some of the golf course to the room, some moved to the street, and moved to the beach, and even some moved to the ice and so on. But these sites do not have much time, has become a place of transitional adventure. Later, it was gradually formed the official site of the golf field simulation or ranch.

As for golf clubs, at first it was a simple stick. In addition, the shepherd in the long stick to hit the stone in the process, found that the use of the top with a bump of the stick is more handy, you can hit the stone farther. As a result, they often look for and choose such a stick. The golf club is now known as a shepherd's stick. As for the invention and appearance of the curved bat, it was later.

It is said that there is a picture on the fourteenth Century Holland paintings, three people are holding the ball, another stick hit, some people think that this is the earliest golf sports in Holland.

Two, originated in the United Kingdom

Golf for English GOLF transliteration. The term first appeared in the Scotland Parliamentary Papers in 1457.

There are three sources of golf:

One, a shepherd in Scotland, when the sheep, with a stick to hit the stone. A chance to hit the stone into the distance of the rabbit nest, and suddenly he felt that this stone into the nest of the game is very attractive, fun, interesting. Later, he was often invited to play with about group play, and gained popularity. This activity is becoming popular. It is said that this is the embryonic form of golf.

Second, it is said that in early fifteenth Century, stationed in Scotland, Beihai

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